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Camargue Wild White Horses & Bulls come to town on your photography tour

Written by // Ros BENNETT Categories // Camargue Festivals

Camargue festivals

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There are some wonderful traditional festivals in the Camargue all year round but one of the main ones lasts for almost two weeks and takes place in the beautiful mediaeval city of Aigues-Mortes.

The autumn festival is called ‘Revivre’ which basically means that we work all year long and once a year we ‘live again’ (think we all feel a bit like that!).  Amongst the tradition and festivities, the main goal is to showcase the work of the local Camargue community with their Wild White Horses, Camargue bulls and Cowboys.  It is the tradition to bring the bulls from the meadows into the villages.

After breakfast in the meadow (free to those who dress up in traditional Camargue costume), the Camargue cowboys surround the bulls and accompany them into the village, without the bulls escaping into the crowds.  Each farm (mas) parades its bulls, herded by the cowboys on wild white horses.

 Accompanying The Bull  Distracting The Bull

After the festivities of the day – including bull racing; prizes for best kids costume; pop up theatres around town; good food and wine, 2-3 cowboys accompany one bull at a time but this time at a gallop through the narrow streets which is as exciting as dangerous and most people stay well behind the barriers.  As part of the game however some youngsters test their bravery by standing in the way as long as possible and even try to destabilise the horses or catch the bull by the horns to enable the bull to escape.

Keep Him Close

It’s not only the youngsters but adults too with a little Dutch courage!

Create Away can arrange photo workshops around the times of the festivals so you can make the most of these amazing traditional festivities.


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