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Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime expedition cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula.

Enjoy a bucket-list photography experience with Wildlife you thought you’d never see, including Humpback, Minke & Orca Whales; Gentoo, Adélie and Chinstrap penguins; Leopard, Crabeater, Elephant, Weddell & Fur Seals and numerous seabirds, including Giant Petrels and the Albatross.

You can capture surreal scenery of drifting icebergs, ice floes, tabletop icebergs, glaciers and snow-covered mountain peaks that plunge straight into the icy sea.  There are also volcanic beaches, research stations and former whaling stations.

We will sail the route of the great Antarctic explorers who set out to conquer these remote and uninhabited lands.

This isn’t just any Antarctica cruise, it’s a Create Away Antarctica cruise and those who know us already will understand that this means, delicious gastronomic cuisine throughout the length of your workshop! The ship is modern and luxurious and the service is second-to-none.

Day 1.

You can take a flight of your choice from your home country to Buenos Aires.

Overnight in Buenos Aires (hotel included).


We will take an internal flight to Ushuaia (flight included), where we board the ship.

Days 3 and 4.

Leaving from Ushuaia we will then take a day or two crossing the Drake Passage, whilst we familiarize ourselves with the ship and deepen our knowledge of the Antarctic and everything you need to know before arriving on the Peninsula. The first photo opportunities will be during the crossing where we can spot Albatrosses, Cape Petrels, and other seabirds.

Days 5 – 9.

We will spend a full 5 days on the Peninsula in a surreal atmosphere capturing incredible Wildlife and Landscape photos.

There are twice-daily visits to shore when we disembark so you can get up-close with the wildlife and icebergs! Create Away has its own boat so we can adapt the photographic opportunities to our needs.

There will be sessions with naturalist-guides, so you are fully immersed and informed about everything there is to know on the Great White Continent. We will also host group review and critique sessions.

Day 10 and 11.

We cross the Drake Passage heading back to Ushuaia.

Day 12.

We arrive early morning for disembarkation and to take our flight back to Buenos Aires and onwards to our home country.


Create Away has tried and tested this fantastic experience first-hand. When we’re travelling outside France, the recce is a vital part of our preparation to ensure no stone is left unturned when we return with a group.  

Whilst this trip should be considered as an expedition and adventure, it is a luxury trip, with the utmost comfort and quality service throughout.

The photographic opportunities of Wildlife and Landscapes, include

  • Humpback, Minke & Orca Whales
  • Gentoo, Adélie and Chinstrap penguins
  • Leopard, Crabeater, Elephant, Weddell & Fur Seals
  • Numerous seabirds, including Giant Petrels and the Albatross
  • Surreal scenery of drifting icebergs, ice floes, tabletop icebergs
  • Glaciers and snow-covered mountain peaks
  • Volcanic beaches, research stations and former whaling stations

What’s included in the price:

  • Airport transfers in Ushuaia (and also in Buenos Aires if you book the trip with a flight package)
  • Full board luxury accommodation on board the ship, including all drinks
  • Overnight accommodation in Buenos Aires in 4-star hotel
  • Daily excursions to capture Wildlife and Landscapes
  • Expert guidance throughout, from a professional photographer, whose international career spans over 3 decades

What’s excluded:

  • Flights
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses
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