Dan, a cinematographer by trade, got in touch with Ros 2020, on the recommendation of a colleague, who had attended a Create Away workshop.  Dan was really impressed with Nathalie’s amazing photos of the Camargue White Horses, charging through the marsh.

Dan’s girlfriend, Charlotte, had ridden horses when she was young and had always dreamed of seeing the Wild White Horses of the Camargue.  As he was planning on proposing to Charlotte in 2020, Dan told us he would love to do so after her seeing the horses; he asked had we done this before and how feasible would it be?

There’s nothing like the challenge of such a charming idea to get the creative juices flowing, so Ros and Dan entered into a flurry of email exchanges and ideas.  Serge’s fashion photography background meant Dan had to convince Charlotte to wear a white dress (to take some nice holiday snaps!), without giving the game away! 

The date finally came around and Dan and Charlotte packed their bags for a surprise holiday, with Dan finally revealing that they were heading to Montpellier to see the Camargue white horses. Charlotte was over the moon. 

Dan and Charlotte arrived in Aigues-Mortes and, the next day, with the promise of a nice photo of Charlotte with the horses, she donned her pretty dress and off we headed to the beach.

With the horses cantering softly along the beach and in and out of the surf and spray, Charlotte’s childhood dream had finally come true.  In-between marvelling at the horses and sharing the special moment with Charlotte, Dan was also busy trying to capture the perfect image to hang on their wall when they got home, as a memory of their special day.

As the sun started to set, it was time for a photo of Charlotte with the horses.  She climbed up on her Camargue White Horse, in the soft autumn light, and looking like the cat that got the cream, Dan produced the ring from his pocket and proposed to Charlotte there and then.

Serge captured the magical and moving moment on camera and Charlotte said “Yes”!

After many congratulations and a short ‘photo shoot’, we headed back to town as the sun dipped below the horizon.

Back at their charming boutique hotel, Champagne was chilling on ice and was followed by a special celebratory gastronomic dinner.

There was no sadness going back to the airport the next day, as Dan had booked a holiday on a gorgeous Greek island for a week in the sunshine, to celebrate their engagement!

What a privilege it was for Create Away to be involved in such a wonderful experience.  We want more! Much more! So please get in touch to arrange your own special day, whatever the story behind the picture may be.

Dan and Charlotte January 2021

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