Simon Stafford

Simon Stafford first became interested in photography while studying at university; completely self-taught, he talked his way into a job as the photographer for the university’s weekly newspaper and has been shooting pictures ever since.

He has accrued a wealth of experience over the past thirty-five years in both film and digital photography. During this time he has worked extensively with Nikon equipment; Simon has used Nikon digital SLR cameras exclusively since 2004. The author of more than twenty-five books on the Nikon camera system, his work has been published in a number of UK photography magazines, including Practical Photography, Digital SLR Photography, Professional Photographer and Nikon Pro, and he is the Technical Editor of Nikon Owner magazine.

Simon is an experienced tutor who presents a wide range of photography seminars and workshops; he also leads landscape, travel, and wildlife photography tours regularly in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Simon was overall winner in the Mammals category for Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016 with this great photo:
Simon Stafford




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