Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?

You can email your request, telephone us or you can book online (click on ‘Book Tour’ on the workshop page in question). For your booking to be firm, you will need to pay your deposit and receive our confirmation.

Can I come outside your published workshop dates?

Yes, because Create Away is based in the Camargue so we are here all year round and can therefore accommodate requests for people wanting to photograph the horses for less days than a full workshop or for just one privatised shoot.

Is there a supplement for solo travellers?

No, all Create Away tours are based on single en-suite rooms.  For large groups, at short notice, room share may be necessary, however.

Why are flight fares excluded?

Our tours are marketed globally, and we attract photographers from many countries. Therefore, it is not possible to include flights, originating from different countries, in the tour price.

Can I pay over the phone?

No, we do not have this facility.

Can I pay in a currency other than £ UK pounds sterling?

All payments must be made in UK Pounds Sterling as we are a British registered company.

Which payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by Bank Transfer or PayPal. You can also pay by Credit Card via the PayPal system.

Will you be sending out a reminder when the final payment is due?

You will receive a reminder if you do not settle your balance on the required date.

Why is my deposit non-refundable?

Deposits cannot be refunded because they cover costs incurred at the time of your booking.

How do I cancel my booking?

Please see our Terms and Conditions:

If I wanted to book the hotel myself and just pay for the workshop is that possible?

I’m afraid we don’t cater for this type of arrangement as we organise the workshops as a whole package to ensure you are in good hands from arrival to departure.


People joining non-residential, individual shoots can book their own hotel but need to look after their own airport transfers and meet us at the agreed meeting point, ahead of each shoot

I have dietary requirements. Will this be a problem?

We always pass on any dietary requirements to the hotel where it is relevant to breakfast, which is included in the workshop price.  Our workshops are not full board, so this does not relate to your choice of restaurant for lunch and dinner

I have a mobility problem – is there a lift at the hotel?

There is no lift at the hotel, but help is provided for luggage and we can request a lower floor room for you

Can I smoke in my room?

All rooms are non-smoking, but we can request a lower floor room for you to access the outdoor area of the hotel more easily

I must have a bath in my room. Can you guarantee that?

We will be happy to pass on your request, but we cannot guarantee this

I’d like to prolong my holiday. Can I extend my hotel booking?

Yes, and we would be very happy to book extra nights for you to stay extra days before and/or after the photo tour. It’s a beautiful region and we can recommend local excursions and activities.

Will you pick me up from the airport/station?

Yes, but you need to check which airport is relevant to the workshop and included in pickups. We guarantee transfers on arrivals and departures days only – should you arrive or depart on a different day, there would be a supplement to pay.

Can my non-photography partner join me at the hotel?

Yes, we often cater for non-photography partners. They do not need to pay the workshop price but there would be a small supplement to pay to cover costs. Depending on the time of the year and the workshop, there can be quite a lot of free time during the middle of the day to spend together.

Can my non-photography partner join me on the shoots without taking photos?

Yes, but we would need to charge as it wouldn’t be fair on the photographers who are paying to participate. If they wish to attend the whole workshop, they need to sign up and pay the full price. Alternatively, they can join individual shoots and would be charged on a per shoot basis.

Is there a minimum or maximum age for your tours?

We do not impose lower or upper age limits; however, our tours are not suitable for young children. We have people of all ages joining our tours.

Does Create Away arrange insurance?

No, you must arrange your own insurance (see our Terms & Conditions).

I am a solo traveller, is this a problem?

No. We have as many solo travellers as couples.

Breakfast is included in the workshop but what about other meals?

All our hotels are in charming towns with plenty of restaurants of all styles to choose from. We will provide you with our recommended restaurant list on arrival and we are happy to make bookings for you to suit your personal choice and budget.

Is there a dress code?

We will provide you with a recommended packing list at the time of booking.

I have a complaint.

If any aspect of our tours fails to meet your expectations, please let us know and we will endeavour to solve the problem without delay.

How can I provide feedback about my experience with Create Away Ltd?

We welcome feedback as we continue to strive to improve and we will send you a feedback form after the workshop.

Will I be safe this close to wildlife?

Yes, if you follow the safety instructions.

History of the Wild White Horses – and are they really ‘wild’?

The Camargue breed of horses has existed since prehistoric times and is the oldest living breed of horses in the entire world. Comparisons to the bones of ancient horses place them as a close relative of horses found in France as early as 17,000 years ago. Continuously living in the salty marshes of the Camargue has led to evolutionary advances in the animals, including their extremely broad hooves, which allow them better footing in the mud, water and reeds


The horses are recognised as ‘wild’ as they live out all year in hardy conditions, are not groomed, nor stabled. The foals must be born out of doors and suckle from a registered Camargue mare as proof of parentage. They are occasionally fed however, if the winter is particularly harsh, and they live in close contact with humans, so they are often considered ‘part wild’.

Do the Wild White Horses run naturally in herds through the marsh and sea?

No! Unfortunately, the horses do not just gallop around the Camargue without us arranging for them to be herded by the Gardians (Camargue cowboys) – this is however a ‘natural’ process as they are herded in the same way when the Gardians work with them (they are working horses and are used to manage the bull herds).

Can I ride the Wild White Horses?

Yes, we can arrange horse riding for you.

Are these workshops suitable for beginners?

Yes, if you have a good knowledge of how your own camera works and how to set it up in Manual, Aperture priority and Shutter priority mode and understand about exposure. If not, we recommend you come a day earlier for a pre-workshop course to ensure you can keep up and get the most out of your workshop.

How much benefit do you think it would be to arrive a day early for the Pre-workshop course?

It depends on your current competence and knowledge of your own camera and settings – if you are at ease photographing what you will be doing on the workshop, it’s not necessary. If, however, you would like to explore new techniques and be better prepared when it comes to the shoots, it will put you ahead of the game for more successful results.

Do I need expensive camera equipment?

We will help you to capture the best images possible, with the equipment you have.

What happens if it rains?

We work around the weather and may adjust the itinerary to ensure you get the best possible shoot on any given day.  It is extremely rare we cancel due to rain, unless conditions are extreme.

Do our lead photographers use these workshops for their own work?

When leading a workshop, our photographers do take photos because they need to check what is working or not and adjust the shoot, if necessary. First and foremost, our photographers are there to help you get the images you want, and your needs always take priority.

I see most of the photographers in the Camargue photos on the website are in high wading boots. Do you rent them out or can I rent them in town?

You can bring your own or you can hire them from us.

Will you be sending out a list of supplies I should have or should be aware of?

You will receive our recommended list of what to bring at the time of booking.

How long are the shoots on average?

Our shoots are approximately 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon/evening. Depending on the workshop, there is sometimes an afternoon theory session.


No question is a stupid question and we will be pleased to answer any further queries you may have.