Thierry Vezon

Thierry is an amazing wildlife photographer whose images are sublime; he catches a moment of stillness in the frenetic world of birdlife.

Thierry collaborates with French and English wildlife publications such as BBC Wildlife Magazine, Bird Watching Magazine, Terre Sauvage, Ranger Rick and La Salamandre.

His breathtaking images of nature at its most awe-inspiring, set against stunning landscapes, have gained Thierry Global recognition. It really is our pleasure to work with such a notable photographer.

Thierry is a native of the Gard region of France and has immense respect for flora and fauna when photographing. He works with the associations responsible for protecting wildlife.

Thierry is enthusiastic about the quality of today’s compact cameras for capturing spontaneous images of birds and landscapes.

He uses a Nikon D2X, D700 and lenses ranging from 12mm-500mm.

Thierry Vezon